MDI's Strength Is Its People

Many employees who have come to work for MDI have stayed for decades. “If you want to grow and develop, there are opportunities at Alex Lee, Inc.,” said one long time employee.
How do I apply?

From the MDI Home Page, click the “Careers” link on the toolbar located at the top of the screen
From the Careers Page, click the “Job Database” link in the middle of the screen to get a listing of the current positions available at MDI
If you have never applied with us before: Select a Language, Choose Hickory, NC as your location and click “Go”. If you have applied with us before, login using your secure login ID and password at the bottom of the screen.
Select “Merchants Distributors, Inc” as your location and click “Next”
Check all of the available positions that you would like to be considered for (please 1st click the “details” link next to the position to see if you meet the minimum qualifications and would be available to work the listed schedule)
Click “”Proceed to Registration””
Follow the Instructions to create a Login ID and Password and click “”I Agree”” to the terms agreement. You can read the terms agreement by clicking on the link “”PeopleAnswers User Agreement””
Login using your new User ID and Password, and then proceed to fill out the application.

If I previously created a User ID and/or Password and do not remember it, what do I do?

You can obtain User ID and Password information by contacting PeopleAnswers at (800) 608-4528, or you can have them email the information to the email account you listed when you registered by clicking on the “Forgot Login/Password?” link on the Jobs Database page.

How long does the application take?

In addition to the application blanks, you will be asked to complete an Person-Organization Fit Assessment. Depending on your familiarity with using Computers and speed in reading comprehension, this process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Do you have to complete the application all at once?

No. You can stop the application at any time and resume where you left off using your User ID and Password. The only exception is the timed portion of the Person- Organization Fit Assessment, which does have to be completed once you begin.

What are the minimum age requirements for working at MDI?

You must be at least 18 years of age to work Full-Time for MDI. You can work Part-Time if you are 16 or older, but must have a work permit signed by your legal guardian.

Do I need to call your office once I complete my application?

No, if you received the confirmation message at the end of the application process, we have received your application. You do not need to call to verify.
How long does it generally take to hear back if MDI is interested in interviewing me for a position?

Due to the high volume of applications we receive, it can take up to 3 weeks before we contact qualified candidates for available positions.”

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