MDI offers a complete retail wholesale operation supplying over 650 stores in the US and overseas.

MDI Products

MDI offers 50,000 items across ambient, refrigerated, and frozen climate zones, with deep assortments in all product categories.

Center Store:


  • 15,000 sku’s
  • Offer the complete range of national and exclusive brands, premium to value tiers, Southeast and Northeast U.S. local and regional assortments, natural and organic, special diets, dollar merchandise, and more.


  • 2500 sku’s
  • National, Regional, local, and MDI Brands
  • Premium to Value tiers, Natural and Organic
  • Complete Fresh Milk Program


  • 3000 sku’s
  • All National, Regional, local, and MDI Brands across all Frozen categories
  • 800 sku’s of ice cream
  • Offer top quality frozen storage to manufacturers


  • 10,000 sku’s
  • All National and MDI Brands
  • Premium and Value Tiers, Ethnic, & Natural
  • Selection available by the case, inner pack, and each


  • 5000 sku’s covering every category
  • Complete Ace Hardware cross-dock program
  • Complete seasonal Merchandise program


Fresh Foods:


  • 2000 sku’s
  • Turnkey Cut & Ready produce program
  • Banana ripening available to order in 3 stages
  • 200 sku’s of Organics
  • Premium Juices
  • Complete Value Tier produce program
  • Floral


  • 2000 sku’s of Fresh Meat & Seafood
  • 1000 sku’s of Frozen Meat & Seafood
  • 5 lines of beef, including Certified Angus Beef program
  • Next day fresh chicken
  • Telephone sales


  • 1000 sku’s
  • Full line of In-Store Baked goods
  • Full line of Thaw & Sell goods
  • Custom Cake program


  • 1500 sku’s
  • Meal Solutions
  • Party Trays
  • Catering
  • Holiday Planning
  • Branded Hot Foods programs including Charley Biggs Chicken and Noble Roman’s Pizza
  • Specialty Cheese
  • PFG Food Service Program

Special Assortment Programs:


  • Bi-lingual Hispanic Program management team
  • 1000 sku’s of authentic Hispanic Grocery
  • Souto Foods division offers 1000 sku’s of Hispanic Dairy and more
  • Comprehensive Marketing and Merchandising support


  • 2000 sku’s
  • Meets wall to wall Grocery and Restaurant supply needs
  • Short lead times with no order minimums


  • 2000 sku’s of Dollar Aisle Grocery, General Merchandise, and Health & Beauty

Club Packs

  • 300 sku’s of large pack items to compete with Club Stores

Retail Operations & Support

Helping small & medium sized businesses design the right mix of activities to do in order to drive sales, get new customers, and improve customer engagement.

RAS and Retail Services

Retail Automation Services’ (RAS) mission is to provide technology support for MDI retailers. RAS is comprised of three groups: marketing and implementation; support;, and development. Each group brings a unique skill set to help create competitive advantages, increase efficiencies, and help retailers grow their business.

  • Price hosting, optimization, and competitor price-check services
  • DSD hosting and price services
  • Planogram & assortment building services
  • Retail Set Execution Teams
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