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MDI is committed to providing the latest technology information to Vendors. In this section you’ll find EDI documentation to help vendors meet MDI requirements for transactions. Once you have reviewed all the needed documents please feel free to contact us with any questions/concerns.

EDI Contact Information

Robbin McGinnis
Telephone: 828.725.4422
Fax: 828.485.4800

Jay Ambrose
Telephone: 828.725.4491
Fax: 828.485.4800

EDI Requirements Documentation

Please select from the following list for documentation concerning EDI:

February 22, 2011
880 (GP) Grocery Products Invoice Transaction Examples
880 Examples
April 12, 2013
875 (OG) Grocery Products Purchase Order Transaction Specifications
875 FILE SPECS LAYOUT MDI name chg revised 04112013
April 12, 2013
V-Control Segments Specs
December 10, 2013
EDI General Information Update
MDI General Page for EDI MDI VAN revised 12102013
June 17, 2014
880 (GP) Grocery Products Invoice Transaction Specifications
May 21, 2015
856 (ASN) Advance Ship Notice Transactions Specification including SSCC18 requirements – Examples
ASN 856 with SSCC-18 Info Examples 2015
May 3, 2017
856 (ASN) Advance Ship Notice Transactions Specification including SSCC18 requirements
856 (ASN) Advance Ship Notice Transactions Specification including SSCC18 requirements
Marketing Forms

Below are some general forms (in Excel or Word document format) for vendors to provide information to MDI.

Buyer Appointment Agenda: Buyer_Appointment_Agenda
Cost Change Form: Cost_Change_Form
Galaxy Promotion Form: Galaxy_Promotion_Form
IGA Promotion Form: IGA_Promotion_Form
New Item Form – 07-02-15: New-Item-Form-070615
New Vendor Form: New_Vendor_Form
Pack Change Form: Pack_Change_Form
Promo Bulletin Form: Promo_Bulletin_Form
Recall Form: Recall_Form
Reclaim Form: Reclaim_Form
Repayment Request Form: Repayment Request Form
Survey Form: Survey_Form (1)
Vendor and PO Routing Info

Below are some general forms (in PDF or Word document format) that provide Vendor and PO Routing Information.

MDI Preferred LTL Carrier Program
20120103085251201 Internet Notice ATTENTION ALL VENDORS 2011 MDI_Pallet_Policy_Letter
Internet Notice ATTENTION ALL VENDORS 2011
Internet Notice ATTENTION ALL VENDORS 2011
MDI Pallet Policy Letter
MDI Press Kit Information


The “MDI Logo” is the official, visual representation of our brand. Through its uniqueness, simplicity and nostalgia, it aims to embody the new Merchants Distributors, LLC brand.

The Merchants Distributors, LLC Guidelines establish official policy and standards for the design of Merchants Distributors, LLC stationery, product labels, publications, flyers, signage, web and other applications. Adhering to these standards will help ensure that all communications present a uniform image of Merchants Distributors, LLC.

The logo and official name have trademark protection and use of the logo or name other than that prescribed below is prohibited. The logo must be produced in true color, black or white and should not be changed in any way except to enlarge it or reduce it proportionally.

There is a protected area surrounding the logo equivalent to the height and width of the entire logo in which no text or graphics may be incorporated.

Questions concerning the use of the Merchants Distributors, LLC logo and name should be directed to or phone (828) 725-4235.

Primary Logo



Space Around the Logo: For all branding instances, the minimum space requirement around all four sides of the logo should be equal to the height of “MDI”.

Negative: It is allowable to display the logo in its negative form (Black & White) when necessary.

The primary logo is the icon stacked on top of the typography. The Merchants Distributors, LLC log is only to be used in these four color combinations.

When using the logo for embroidery or screen-printing, use the single color logo farthest to the right.

  1. Orientation: Do not stretch, skew, rotate, or otherwise alter the original appearance/orientation of the logo.
  2. Composition: Do not alter the original composition of the logo. Do not attempt to separate or resize any element of the logo independent of the other.
  3. Color: Do not display the primary logo in any color (including brand colors)
  4. Do not display on unapproved background colors or display on a cluttered background.

Available Formats: EPS | JPGPNG

Official Color Usage

The official MDI colors are:


Dark Blue – PMS 7694C

  • 98% Cyan
  • 74% Magenta
  • 35% Yellow
  • 21% Black

Light Blue – PMS 2150C

  • 86% Cyan
  • 43% Magenta
  • 22% Yellow
  • 6% Black

Gold – PMS 123C

  • 9% Cyan
  • 29% Magenta
  • 86% Yellow
  • 0% Black


* When printing in black and white, the logo should be produced in grayscale printing.

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